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The requirements

Which conditions do you have to meet in order to get the referral bonus?

How does it work?

What is expected of you? For which vacancies can you propose someone?

What to do?

Which steps do you need to follow and which file do you need to fill in to propose a candidate?

Help us finding new colleagues.

Daikin Europe is growing! And we are ready for that. But that also means that we are looking for new employees. New colleagues whom we are very happy to welcome to come and work for us. To give our hirings an extra boost, we would of course like to appeal to you. Refer a candidate from your own network and receive a referral bonus of 700 euros.

This promotion runs until 31/12/2023.

The requirements

The employee

  • The employee is employed by Daikin Europe at the time of forwarding the candidate as well as at the time of payment of the referral bonus.
  • Employees involved in the selection process are not allowed to participate! (for example, POG, Randstad and or Agilitas employees of the Strategic Business Partner group or if it is a supervisor, he/she should not be part of the selection or evaluation).
  • If a candidate is nominated by several persons, the amount will be distributed among the effective applicators.
  • The referral bonus can be awarded a maximum of 2 x per year per employee.

The candidate

  • Candidates must not have previously worked at Daikin (permanent, temporary, interim). There is an exception for students.
  • The candidate has not applied for a job at Daikin (directly or through the interim partners) in the past year.
  • Nominees may not have a 1st degree relationship (i.e. no parent, (step-)child or partner).
  • To be eligible for the referral bonus, the employee must be employed full-time in Daikin Europe for an uninterrupted period of at least 5 months. *A shorter employment for any reason, is not eligible!

How does it work?

For which vacancies does the referral bonus apply?

  • The referral bonus applies to all fixed white collar vacancies.
  • You can find all the vacancies here

You can recruit a candidate through mail or through online form. 
More info below.

What to do?

1. Do you want to recruit a candidate through mail?

  • Send the resume of the interested candidate you propose to
  • State explicitly which vacancy it concerns and that it falls within the scope of the referral bonus.
  • Also indicate what your relationship is with the person involved you are proposing. How do you know the candidate?
  • Remember that you are only eligible for a referral bonus if you meet all conditions.

2. Do you want to recruit a candidate through the online form?

  • Fill out the referral form using the button below. Your info is then automatically forwarded to
  • Don’t forget that you are only eligible for a referral bonus if you meet all the conditions

Randstad will then screen this candidate and be responsible for the further selection process.

Randstad saves an overview of all candidates who have been referred via the referral bonus as well as of the employees who introduced them.
Unfortunately, no feedback can be given to you about the selection process as such due to legal matters. You can find out whether or not your candidate has been approved through email, HR will notify you.

Is your candidate allowed to start at Daikin Europe? Fantastic! You will receive a referral bonus of +- 700 euros after the candidate has been employed by Daikin for 5 months.

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